Organic Trance: Inner Evolution Process

After 10 years of deep study and ongoing practice of Milton Erickson’s style hypnosis, combined with the discovery and exploration of other effective healing techniques rooted in traditional backgrounds, Organic Trance emerged as a tool for evolution. This tool engages the body mind unity, to unleash its latent natural healing process. Its aim is to serve those who feel themselves eager to go deep into healing, those who are ready to experience what they have to, in order to release and re-engage their evolutionnary process.

Organic Trance allows the use of regressive techniques following the guidance of the body memory, and so avoiding the mental labyrinth, in order to pursue a real, honest, deep effectiveness. The Organic Trance process teaches how to connect with our deep natural wisdom to let it work, while we learn to accompany it through observation.

Then can begin the rodeo: the body releases tension from deep tissues, stuck emotions finally flow out into transformation, while the mind learns how to follow and observe the whole organism’s process. Organic Trance is a pragmatic and effective way to re-connect with our deep nature’s guidance on our journey into evolution.

la push forest


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